Numb In My Toes...


literally i cannot actually imagine meeting one direction like what do u do what happens afterwards how do you live like everything after that is downhill your life could never be better than it was in that moment 

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can we talk about that time Harry and Niall tried to play football with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and looked like two kittens chasing after a laser dot


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you drink it you drink it you drink it why am i staring at your breasts malambi lissen to wot im seyin vas happnin neva claim gucci as you aha ! sleep is for the weak *pretends to wank* wickeeddd green is my favorite color aha! babe?? are you alright babe?? ask me if i give a motherfuck??!? bradf0rd bad b0i on the 17th floor aha if harry wants the booty hes gonna have to wait?? aha fly squatter but i cont dance simon i cont dance versace versace versace versace 

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